Monday, July 8, 2013

What Would OJB Do? – Now He Has Excess Money

When OJB turned to the general public to seek for financial help (100,00 dollars) in order to pay the medical bills of the ailment he is sadly afflicted with, he trusted that Nigerians, irrespective of the general hardship which we live in, would answer. And answer they did.
A lot of individuals made private donations to either of the 2 bank accounts (in his name) that was provided. And not just ordinary Nigerians, we have heard that some fellow entertainers came to his aid with the likes of Don Jazzy, D’Banj, PSquare (who gave 5 million naira), etc donating to the loving and humane cause of ensuring that OJB survives this trying period of his life.
Considering that he asked for 100,000 dollars and has not been clear with the public concerning how much he has raised, the public do not know whether the expected figure has been reached or even exceeded. Today we have been told that the Rivers State governor has donated the entire 100,000 dollars that the young man needs in one lump sum.
So, the question arises, should OJB pull down his banners and request cards for donations to him considering the amount of money he has already received?

Now that he has gotten all these money and in excess of what he asked for, should he return the rest to the donors or better still find causes in Nigeria – people who need help just like him, and hand the excess over to them because he did not earn the money neither did he work for it. It is simply donations and you are not meant to enrich yourself with donations.

I am not being harsh on OJB simply because, Nigerians are always willing to help whenever there is need and since we live in a society where people are in constant need of help, those who have received what they asked for, should clear the line for the numerous others who are in dire need of help to receive help.
So now that OJB has received more than he asked for, he needs to exhibit the same kindness and love he received from others by making donations of the excess that he has received to those people who need it all over the nation.
So, what would OJB do?
To whom much is given………


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