Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nigerians Killing Themselves In South Africa.

In South Africa, some Nigerians have been killed by suspected armed men who are also Nigerians.

According to South African police spokesperson, Tim Masilela,  five men were in a volkswagen Golf on the evening of Thursday 4th July, when a car stopped in front of them, a group of men got out from the car and opened fire, killing two men in the golf. 

A wounded passenger tried to run away but collapsed and died a few metres from the crime scene; the fourth man died later in the hospital but the fifth man in the car was not hurt.

Meanwhile, last Saturday, three Nigerians were killed in a cellphone shop in Voortrekker Street, Benoni. They were inside the shop when five armed men entered the shop at about 6pm, killing three of the customers inside the shop. 

According to police report, the gunmen fled in green BMW and are believed to be Nigerians. Spent cartridges and a licensed firearm belonging to one of the dead men were found on the crime scene.

The motive for the killing is still unknown but a possibility the victims were a rival group is being investigated.

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