Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nigerian Runs Babe Exposed Via Twitter

Tinuola Odusani didn't know her runsbabe thinz will be used against her when she was busy bargaining her body for N100K with a badass guy some weeks ago. 

Naija babes, you should take it easy with yourselves and don't go crying crocodile tears when the unimaginable happens to you. if you need money and can't get a job, go sell pure water or do conductor. It doesn't kill! #hiss! The annoying part is that Naija babes sell themselves for nothing other than money to buy human hair, make ups and some clothes to form big babes and look up-to-date. #Nonsense! 

A guy had the below conversation with a babe on BB chat and later exposed her via Twitter. Read the convo after the cut:


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