Monday, July 8, 2013

Kim and Kanye Consider Wedding In Egypt.

Rapper Kanye West and baby mama Kim Kardashian are reportedly making alterations to their September wedding which was initially scheduled for Paris.
The new parents of baby North West were engaged last month have different ideas than Paris – France.

Kim Kardashian has decided that she would like the wedding ceremony to hold in a more exotic location like Egypt or India.
A very reliable source disclosed that:

‘Kim and Kanye were talking to the baby when in mid-sentence he asked Kim to marry him. She started to cry and mouthed the word, ‘Yes’.

‘This time she wants something different and exotic. 

She likes how Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married in India with an Indian-themed wedding. 

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She wants that. Kim thinks she’s the spitting image of Egyptian goddess Isis, so she has been talking about doing an Egyptian-themed wedding, at the pyramids.

She says Kanye digs the idea too. It will cost millions to fly everyone to Egypt, but money is no object.’

However, the dynamic couple have revealed concern about protecting their baby and Kanye is rumored to pay for doctor to check on her every day to make sure she is OK.

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