Friday, July 5, 2013

Chris Brown Thinks Rihanna’s Desperate With Twerking Video

Ouch! A source close to Chris tells EXCLUSIVELY that he has seen Rihanna’s recent twerking video, and it just made him shake his head.
Rihanna may have been trying to diss Chris Brown on July 3 when her friend uploaded a video to Instagram of her twerking to a Drake song, but Chris is just throwing the diss right back in her face.

Chris Brown Disses Rihanna: She Clearly Needs Attention

“Yeah, he saw it,” a source close to Chris tells exclusively. “All he did was laugh at it, say, ‘wow,’ and shake his head.”
The source goes on, adding that while Chris still has respect for his ex, he thinks she’s trying way too hard: “He loves her and has respect for her that’s out of this world, but clearly she’s desperate for attention.”
And even considering Rihanna’s blatant attempt to get Chris riled up, he’s still cool with her. “He has no hate in his heart,” the source says, “He hopes she’s well and happy.”
That’s gotta sting for Rihanna — not only is she being called desperate, but she didn’t even make Chris a little jealous!

Rihanna: Was She Twerk-Dissing Chris Brown?

But did Rihanna even make the twerking video to diss Chris? A source close to the Unapologetic singer tells exclusively no: “She’s not sending a message to either of those guys.”
“She was feeling the song and wanted to drop it a few times,” the source adds. “It’s just a video of her dancing.”
Regardless of Rihanna’s real intentions, it’s still a video of RiRi sexing it up specifically to a song by an enemy of Chris’. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Chris’ cool reaction is another sign that he may actually be moving on. The old him surely would have reacted differently.
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WATCH: Rihanna Disses Chris Brown While Twerking To Drake

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