Monday, June 17, 2013

Musician and Glo Ambassador, Burna Boy Caught In Financial Scam In London

Information reaching is that one of the newly signed Globacom ambassadors, rave of the moment musician, Burna Boy, is actually on the run from the authorities in the UK.
Since his singing career picked up dramatically, Burna Boy has been in high demand by fans in the UK but the guy can’t step his foot in London without being arrested and has been dodging. Why is this so?
Burna Boy has been going to USA, Canada and other countries for shows but he has not been to the UK to perform unlike his fellow Nigerian artist. The reason, from what a source told TON, is because he was deported to Nigeria in August 2010 after he was caught for running bank scams.
The information is that Burna Boy, who first got to the UK in 2003, was deported back in 2010 for fraud bank scams.

I heard Burna Boy cant go back to the UK unless he has his deportation order revoked which seems very difficult for him at the moment as he has had many request to do shows but were turned down.

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