Saturday, June 15, 2013

Go Blue! How to get this Eyeshadow look in 5 quick steps

Blue is back on the Trend and ever more vibrant! What is even more Rampant now is the magical catliner or winged eyeliner look. We have incorporated both in this look to create a very sexy eyeshadow look that is wearable without been too much.
Step 1: Prep your Eyes. This would include grooming/tweezing unwanted brow hairs, and applying Primer. There are several great eyeshadow primers on the market if you know where to look.
For this look, a base primer from Marykay was used and NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk applied over that to help grab eyeshadow pigments better

Step 2: Fill in brows with brow pencil or brow shadows. This is very important everytime you apply your eyeshadow Makeup. Your eyebrows typically frame your entire face, without which you would look hideous! So, with a little more emphasis, spend a little extra time in getting your lines in perfectly.
The trick to getting truly perfect looking brows is to clean out harsh pencil lines using an angled liner brush or any small precision brush and concealer or foundation that is light than the true skin tone shade.
Brow pencils used in this look – E.L.F | M.A.C Concealer
Step 3: Apply your eyeshadows. Ensure you are using proper Makeup brushes, sincerely this is the biggest difference between yourself and a professional Makeup artist.
  • What you want to do is apply a base color on your lids using an all-over eyeshadow brush.
  • and then right over that, using a blending brush, blend over and over your crease with a darker shade.
  • You would need to warm the entire look up a bit above your crease, almost towards your brow bone or highlight. What this does is create for a smoother transition from your lid colors to your brow bone or highlights
  • You find that we also applied a brightening eye color in the inner tear ducts (inner v). What this does is open up the eyes even more.
  • Working with shimmers can be fun but always remember to tone down shimmer shadows with matte shadows.
Step 4: Apply eyeliner, precisely from the inner corner of the eye all the way outwards on your upper lash-line. Winging out the liner or creating a cat liner look like we have done here is optional. But if you choose to do that, ensure you draw out your liner facing upwards towards the temples and not outwards towards your ears.
On the lower lash-line we have pencil liners and eyeshadows using the same shadows we used for the crease.
Products used: E.L.F gel liner, Maybelline eye studio, Sleek eyeshadows, E.L.F eyeshadows from the 100 pallete.

Step 5: Final step is to fix eyelash extensions! This is the most fun part and we usually advice you do this after you have finished with your eye makeup. Choose lashes in lengths and fullness that you are comfortable with and ensure the strip band of the fake lashes is placed embedded as close to your lashes as possible. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. That’s it! As simple as it looks.
Now go out  looking super hot in Blue. Be careful not to go overboard.
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