Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ghanian Student Leaks Vidéo Of Her And Her Lecturer Having Sёx

According to 411Vibes, a young Ghanianstudent, who claimed to be in one of the well known Federal institution in Ghana, sent in a scandalous vidéo.
The source claims that the girl in the vidéo, who happens to be the one of the `bigger girls on campus clique’ has been known for her promíscuous ways and séxual relations with loads of people but has never gone to the extent of fílming her séx-tapé.
The source also hinted that though the lecturer didn’t have a problem with their séxual activity being filmed, he never would have expected it to leak as she assured him it was just for their viewing pleasure.
Apparently, the vidéo has been making its rounds on the internet lately.
Making and releasing séx-tapé is starting to become a new norm in the African society as young men and women who are hoping for quick fame have now realised that selling séx is the fastest way to get there.
Do you think we should accept these new acts as just the signs of changing times, or do you believe such acts of séxual promíscuity should be nippéd in the bud.

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