Monday, June 24, 2013

Chris Brown Beat Up a New Girl…

It’s been a little while since Chris Brown reminded all of us that he’s a crusty, throbbing ass pimple of rage and just when I was starting to think that he has actually changed, he does something to prove that he hasn’t! Maybe. TMZ says that a 24-year-old woman claims that The Difficult Brown violently shoved her to the ground in the VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, CA on Saturday night. And with that, Fist Brown’s reputation as an oozing cut on humanity’s anus is restored! Deanna Gines tells TMZ that she was hanging out near Fist Brown’s group in the VIP section and when last call was announced, he shoved her hard to get to the bar. Deanna’s knees hit the floor hard and she later learned at the hospital she has torn ligaments in her right knee and may need surgery. Deanna filed a police report with the Anaheim PD that night and the cops are currently investigating. Fist Brown’s spokeswhore tells TMZ that they know about the allegations and it doesn’t make sense. I’m with Fist Brown’s rep. This doesn’t make sense at all. Chris Brown violently attackinga woman for getting in his way? He has never done that before! It is completely out of character for him. That’s like if you accused me of watching porn while eating raw pastry dough. I have never done this
and I never would (I did this last night)! The Difficult Brown may have attacked Deanna and she’s down and out for a while, but at least she didn’t let that asshole take away her ability to give FACE! FACE! FACE! while taking a selfie.

 Chris Brown's female accuser is full of it ... so says the owner of the nightclub where the singer allegedly assaulted the woman -- in fact, the owner tells TMZ, CB never even touched her. The owner of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim tells us, "Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false." The owner says 24-year-old Deanna Gines had repeatedly tried to jump on stage during Chris' performance at the club -- and later tried to rush Chris in his roped-off VIP area. The owner says Gines got tossed as a result of her behavior -- and while being taken out, the owner says Gines took off her heels and threw them at security. The owner says police were called to arrest Gines, but eventually let her go home with her friends. As for any potential injuries Gines may have suffered while being kicked out, the owner simply said, "Heat staff and security did what they had to do ... [Chris] was a complete gentleman."

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