Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#BBAThechase#-Pokello's dad reacts to her sex tape

Zimbabwean rep at the Big Brother house came under fire when a sextape was leaked.Many took to social networking sites to protest and a facebook page was created to vote her they felt she wasnt a right representative of Zimbabwe. Reacting to this scandal,, her father ,Retired Colonel George Nare said " The video footage was not mean’t for public consumption and the person who leaked it should be guilty of character assassination. My daughter has a strong personality and would not be weakened by that. She is a successful business woman… I am so happy that my daughter has been nominated to represent Zimbabwe in (BBA). As her father I fully support her in her quest to realise her dream on the show,” “I want Pokello to win that USD300 000 prize. I vote for her everyday and appeal to fellow Zimbabweans from all walks of life to rally behind her". Wow!

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