Monday, June 3, 2013

BBA(The Chase):Updates:Naughty Natasha (Is she obsessed With Sex or What?)

Is Natasha obsessed with sex or what? It is starting to seem like it, as not a day goes by in the Ruby House without the unabashed Ruby lass sharing her opinions on matters of the carnal nature.

Her latest sex rant today was about husbands that cheat and couples that have sex without protection which lead to some heated conversation in the Ruby bedroom.

Clearly the motherly Malawian saw fit to take it upon herself to play sex educator to her fellow Housemates. “You have to be a good counsellor and be the voice,” she insisted at the end of her conversation. Well okay then, Natasha.

So what do you think of Natasha’s dirty talks? Do you that think she is entertaining and educational or just annoying?

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