Monday, June 3, 2013

BBA(The Chase):Updates: Sexual tension and rejection in the House

They say that lust is one of the seven deadly sins, if that is true then the Ruby Housemates are treading on dangerous ground. With so many sexy singletons under one roof it was only a matter of time before the sexual tension started mounting in the Houses.

Today Nando dished to Biggie about his attraction to Dillish during his Diary session, saying: “I am sexually attracted to her but there are no feelings". But unfortunately for the Diamond dude the feeling is not mutual.
During her one on one; Dillish shared with Biggie that she sees Nando as nothing more than a friend. “He’s like my brother there is nothing sexual,” she asserted. We wonder if Nando has any idea that he is in the ‘friend zone’?

During his session, Angelo shared with Biggie that he was left gobsmacked whenHuddah - with whom he had a little romance brewing - planted a kiss on Hakeem’s lips instead of his as she bid farewell to her fellow Housemates. Talk about betrayal!

As well as being left feeling rejection, Angelo has also been doing his own fair share of rejecting. He dished to Biggie that Annabel has changed towards him ever since it was revealed that she has a crush on him and he let it be known that he does not feel the same way. As for Annabel she confessed that she feels uncomfortable around him now, now that the cat has been let out of the bag. Poor Annabel, nothing stings more than rejection.

As for the Ruby House, the topic on everyone’s lips is the Koketso-LK4-Beverly love triangle. It looks like the only couple in The Chase that is not having troubles right now isBolt and Betty, who both told Biggie that they are happy together and have been enjoying getting to know each other. Hopefully it will stay that way but this is the Big Brother House of course and there are no guarantees.

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